•  Public Safety

                  I am a strong advocate for our Police and Fire. They are the lines that protect our city and it's citizens.                      I want to push to have more officers on each shift. This is essential as our city grows.
                  To make sure they have the training they need for our changing world.
                  I would like to have more Mental health professionals assigned to the Police Department. 

  • Infrastructure

                 Our roads affect everyone here in Denton, from the person trying to get to work, the person going to a                   birthday party or the ambulance trying to save someone’s life. The city it very behind and we need to                     push to make these project a top priority be completed.

  • City Growth

            The growth of Denton is crucial to Denton's economic future. (Work, Live, Play) We need to use our                         position in the  metroplex to attract new businesses. Attracting new business is great but we need to                     also   have the homes and  apartments for the workers to stay and live in Denton. I have had parents talk               to me about how they have to travel for their child’s sporting events. We can work on a complex that                       would attract more tournaments and in turn increase revenue coming into Denton

  • Low Taxes 

                 Our taxes have dropped for the past 4 years and we have been able to maintain the same level of                            services and keep the quality of those services. 

  • Small Government

                  I believe in keeping the government as small as possible and avoid government overreach as we                            have seen in the past few years.  ​​

  • Individual Rights

                The Declaration of Independence says we have the right to Life, Liberty and the pursuit of happiness. I                  will fight against any ordinance that would strip an individual of those rights.