Issues & Political Concerns

In Denton, we have a great community but we can make things better. Some of my concerns and issues that citizens brought to my attention.



I would like to see our city connect with sidewalks.  Our children need a safe way to get to their friend's house and to school. There are plans but I would like to see a complete all-encompassing plan and the details of when construction will begin. 

Growth of the city

Our city has to grow and it will grow. We need to be a city that attracts companies and people 


We need to look out for those who are in our city. Some need a hand up not a handout.  

Gas wells

I am concerned when it comes to the gas well in the city limits and the effects it has on citizen health and the value of the property. 


The Denton I know has always been a welcoming city and I want it to stay that way. 

Green spaces and Tree canopy

while we grow as a city we need to try to maintain our green spaces and tree canopy. 

Small and Local businesses

During these times we need to remove the regulations and restrictions that we can on small businesses so they can open safely and people can get back to work  

Support of the Police

I will always support our police and will never call for them to be defunded. 

We have many social and economic concerns and I look forward to working with my other council members to address the concerns.